Do I do online counselling?

Most communication is non-verbal. I therefore much prefer to see a client in the flesh. However, I do understand that it may sometimes be difficult to meet because of other commitments. I therefore do offer an online service for clients but with strict rules:

  • I never do an initial consultation via this channel.
  • I will have had at least 3 face-to-face sessions (including the initial session) with a client before an online appointment.
  • I will have received payment in advance.

Online sessions can be conducted using any of the following methods;

All these are subscription-free services and also do not incur any call charges when used over an internet connection. If Mobile Data is used to connect to the service then charges may be incurred dependent on your mobile contract. Skype and WhatsApp both require the client to have installed an application on their PC/Tablet/Phone whereas Zoom is delivered via a web browser interface. Both WhatsApp and Zoom offer encryption and are preferable to Skype from that perspective. Details of how to establish a session will be sent before the session starts.

1st April 2020 - Covid-19 special arrangements

The above usual requirements for the initial session and a further 2 sessions to have been conducted face-to-face before commencing online sessions have been suspended for the period while Covid-19 advice on social distancing remains in force. Therefore it will be possible for new clients to commence therapy using one of the channels mentioned above. Existing clients will also be able to continue work through these channels.

This suspension of the normal way of working will be kept under review as the situation evolves.

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Page last updated: 01/04/2020
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