Why Labyrinth?

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Counselling is a journey.

The end point of the journey, its goal, whatever that is for an individual, can often seem distant and the path to it fraught with many obstacles, false starts and dead ends. Once the journey has begun, it can feel that you are going round in circles or that after travelling a long way you seem close to where you started. You can sometimes feel disoriented or even totally lost. It can seem that the end point has vanished from sight and the path is no longer clear - rather like being in a maze or a labyrinth.

Although commonly used to mean the same thing, a maze and a labyrinth are different in one important respect. A maze has many branches - points at which there are two or more ways forward with no guarantee the one chosen will lead to the desired end. A true labyrinth has only a single, non-branching path that leads to its centre. The route through a labyrinth is convoluted and takes time to traverse. However, with a little effort, patience, determination and support you will eventually get to your goal.

As a counsellor I am not a guide or pilot; I do not know what your labyrinth is like - how its path will change direction or how long it will take to navigate. I will be your companion on your journey along the path to your goal. I will support you throughout that journey, helping you explore your labyrinth and find your way forward; always being with you even when the journey feels difficult, until you reach your destination.

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Page last updated: 23/03/2015
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