How much does it cost?

I offer an initial, no-obligation 60 minute consultation at a cost of £25. The purpose of this session is to explore what it is you need support with and to help you decide if you will be comfortable working with me. At the end of this session a decision can be taken whether a fixed number of sessions or an open-ended approach is best. It is also an opportunity for us to start the process of getting to know each other.

If you decide to proceed then sessions are charged at £40 per hour. For clients who engage in longer term counselling I offer a ten-for-nine discount with every tenth session being conducted at no charge.

I am prepared to negotiate a reduced rate for anyone who is presently unwaged.

I also offer a reduced rate of £30 per hour for Counselling Students and will be happy to provide proof of attendance for your course records.

All payments are due on a session by session basis and can be made by cash or cheque or PayPal

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Page last updated: 26/05/2020
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